Finally An eventful Day!

Indeed, today was a day of happenings. I finally got around to completing the COUHES (Committee On the Use of Humans as Experimental Subjects) exam. This is apparently a necessary evil. It is mandatory to score a 100% on this exam, before one begins to do a thesis at MIT. Most of the questions involved ethics and disclosure issues when one used humans as research subjects. The only interesting parts of this were 'experiments' performed on human subjects in Nazi Germany and some others performed by MIT, not that long ago.

Where There Is A Will
AT 8 pm, I attended a play, "Where there is a Will" at the Kresge Auidtorium, unaware of the danger that lay waiting for me in the theatre. (I'll discuss this later.)Directed by Mahesh Dattani, this awesome play featured a dysfunctional Desi(Indian) family run by a egomaical patriarch Hashmukh Mehta(brilliantly played by Michael Dwan.) S. Vijay, a Phd student at MIT played Ajit, Hashmukh's son, who tries in vain to break free from his father's control. Unfortunately for Ajit, he is held prisoner by his own greed for the old man's money. Namratha Kaur played Hashmukh's dutiful and caring wife and Preeti Prasad was Hashmuk's scheming daughter-in-law.

When Hashmuk dies of a heart attack, he has left an ingenius will stating that all his money would be put in a trust and that his mistress Kiran Jhaveri(Mary Hale) would be the sole custodian of his will. While Hishmukh has left his body, his spirit continues to haunt the Mehta household, just to gloat over the punishment that he has inflicted on the rest of his family.

Hashmuk's mistress moves into the Mehta houseand turns it upside down, causing one hillarious revellation after another. The acting from each of the performers was extrordinary. Personally, I would have preffered Mary playing and American mistress to bring more credibility to her role.

There was a point in the play where the authoritarian Hashmuk snatches his son's cell phone and dashes it on the floor. Wierdly enough, the phone bounced off the stage broke into three pieces, the sharpest of which struck yours truly right between the eyes, causing a minor gash.(What are the odds?) Except for this mishap, this was a great event and I'd recommend this play to everyone. I believe it is playing tomorrow as well. The tickets are just $6.( The thought of asking for a refund did cross my mind.)

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