Distruptive Technologies Presentation

A good presentation in the DT class today.
Nano Tube UltraCapacitors:

Presented by Rachel, Vaynu, Anand Daniel, Mandy and Dave

Great presentaions by Rachel and Anand. They compared these capacitors with batteries and ultra capacitors. These babies have 1000s of cycles of power, non toxic, smaller and have a large shelf life. They can be implaned in the body and can be recharged by body movements/ temperatures.They can be used in consumer electronics and have the potential of outlasting the devides that use them. They do not meet the Christensen's model as they could offer increased or decreased performance(compared to batteries) and currently cost more than their older counterparts. They can be used in automobiles and are currently in use by the millitary. This technology has not been tried out in the real world. Its associated costs are unclear.

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