Thesis Seminar - Information Reuse

Today's guest lecturer was Prof. Stuart Madnick. He spoke of research work on Aggregators. It was truly engrossing. Here are some highlights.
An Aggregator is a mechanism that transparently gathers information with or without performing analysis.

Examples of Aggregators are MySimon and EvenBetter. There are some Aggregators that aggregate info from Aggregators.These are called Mega Aggregators.
Progressive Insurance offers an Aggregator to comparison shop Insurance companies.

There are 3 types of Aggregators:
Comparison Aggregators
Relationship Aggregators
Complementary Aggregators

One Relationship Aggregator is MaxMiles. It combines Frequent Flier, Eating and Driving milews and also can inform a user to looking intoo missing miles in a leg of a long journey. It provides an incentive to the Travel Provider to register with it.

Some technologies the use Aggregators include thesemantic web:
Web Wrappers
Context Mediators
Other Aggregators include:
Regional and Global Aggregators
Financial Service Aggregators
Context Mediation Aggregators
Data Quality Aggregators
Internal and Industry Standards Aggregators

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