It's probable...

Courses at MIT can broadly classified into two flavors. There are the macho left-brain activating ERBA and Real Options. On the other extreme end are the right-brain creative touchy feely "Yin" courses of creativity like Innovation in the Marketplace and Human Side of Techology.

I'll be man enough to admit that my propensities are toward the latter kind, though I walk the path of an engineer. I had an epiphany as I drove back from work. Is it possible that I could use some of these left brain techniques to solve my own personal problems? I tried fitting a model for some huge challenges in my life and magicallly new insights seemed to come out of the woodwork.

Could we quantify all life's problems and choices? Could we assign probablities to our fantasies and fears? Well, Einstein did warn us that God does not play dice.Using metrics is our way of convincing ourselves that we covered all bases. Is that what it is about? When things don't go our way, we could always point at the data and our calculations and say we did the best we could. Then again, my New Age mentor tells me to use my intution more often. Sometimes one must trust one's gut even when the 'data' seems accurate. On a final note, some course at MIT or some self-help guru (probably both) said that we must embrace ambiguity. Forgive me if I am not making sense. This has been a hard week.

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