Gloomy Weekend

After spending all of Friday writing Javacode for my PDD project, I caught the bug yesterday. Spent most of yesterday and some of today recovering, trying to squeeze in ERBA and Disruptive Techologies.

To my surprize, both have taken a turn for the better. ERBA is a lot more interesting and informative and in my Disruptive Techologies project, I covered new ground. Following the advice of Professor Utterback, our team is now investigating Open Source as a process beyond software. I found quite a few interesting initiatives.

One was the the Open Source Velomobile project, which aims to make the Velomobile, a vehicle dervied from bicycles and tricycles. A Velomobile can also have a battery powered propulsion system to assist the driver's leg muscle efforts.

Another was the Open Source hardware initiative that aims to provide Open Source hardware design for processors, etc. Some of my teammates are working on Open Souce use in Biotech, journalism and even Open Source Beer. Maybe todayis not that gloomy!

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