MIT's 50K Contest

Today, I went to the semifinals dinner after receiving a rather ambiguous email that almost had me jumping with joy.

Linda Rottenberg, CEO of Endevour Global,a company that helps entrepreneurs establish themselves gave the keynote address. Time magazine named her one of the top 100 innovators of the 21st century. She was a Harvard undergrad and then attended Yale Law School. After graduating she went to Latin America. In 1997 she cofounded Endevour. She spoke a lot about how her company had established itself in several countries, but not in the US where it has an 'underground' presence.

Like other industry leaders, she had a recipe for us.

1. Think Global.
2. Think big.
3. Create achievable, measurable milestones. Ending Global poverty is not a measurable milestone.
4. Get Smart Capital. There is too much dumb non-profit capital out there.
5. Being told you are crazy is a good sign.
6. Embrace hurdles. Entrepreneurship is as much about failure as it is about success.
7. I like this one: Don't think too much. You'll convince yourself that you can't. Entrepreneurship is often a gut-check.

Not to take away anything from her speech, (She was well-spoken and had quite a presence)but I think these speeches are getting to be polyana.

The rest of the evening is academic. Awards came and went and awards passed me by.
At the end of the program, thanks to some extra funding, the 50K is now officially th 100K competition. Bummer!

Well, 2 SDMers Sam and Sergio are still in the running. Bring home the trophy guys! And Sorin is in the 125K semis. Let's make it a SDM clean sweep.

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