Leadership Conference Speakers-III

Speaker: David Maister
Topic: Why business schools Don't Produce Managers

Rajiv's View: Easily one of the most entertaining speakers I've heard. He began with this outrageous topic and then developed on it by telling stories. Here is a synopsis of his view. Believe it or not, his wife addresses him as 'My sweet' and 'Beloved'. Well, that's his story.

  • Being right is not enough.
  • The world is made of people. You need to understand emotional challenges and cultural bandwidth.
  • The Reward: What you get is scarce.
  • Punchline " Strategy and the Fat Smoker" The smoker knows how to loose weight. He must stop smoking. Why does he not do it. Here's the reason:
  • Visions don't work.
  • If you want benefits, do the work.
  • The competition is build on 'Who has the courage".
  • Leadership is the courage.
  • Do you have the courage to stick to what you choose?
  • Intelligence is more common than courage.
  • Would you give up security and comfort?
  • You never know your true passion at 35
  • How long will you hold on to yoour nose rather that say, 'It stinks?'
  • Everything you want from life, you get from another person.
  • The question is, How will I get another to give me what I want?
  • All performance metrics are useless. The performance review done at the end of the year is of little use to the employee.
  • Dale Cargnegie's book is the only one you'll need.
  • Be close enough so that you notice.
  • People must WANT to be on the journey.
  • Shut up about the journey.
  • Make it fun and make it help the business.
  • Say 'Well Done," on the first step but only when warranted.
  • Its not your job to make people want what they don't want.
  • Coaching: Talent has to be demanding but at the same time supporting.
  • You must like people to be a leader.
  • Stop asking what you want, help others get what they want.
  • To get motivation, talk about the other person to get motivation.
  • Help them with ideas.
  • Never criticise. Criticism is levid.
  • Imagine you are talking to your father. How do you get him to do something?
  • Encourage, give confidence.
  • Allow the person to do it his way.
  • Stop thinking of yourself as the boss.
  • Management is about skill, not knowledge.
  • I will accept coaching when I know you are on my side.
Character of Mgr -> Energise, Excite enthusiastic people-> Consistently superior value to people-> $

  • In every religion, men, women did not pary to God. They had the courage to do the right thing.

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