Leadership Conference Speakers-II

Speaker: Victor Mendes, CEO Citibank

To be a future leader, get the opportunity to manage a group early in your career. Today, one must get used to dealing with market shifts andhas to stick with his/her customers through thick and thin.

The reasons of growth of Corporations today are economic, demographic(A new middle class of younger people) and Global(emerging markets.) Plan for change, particularly in International markets.

How can one improve the quality of institutional framework like banks or Legal services?
One must diversify. You start by building a strong competitive strength. You must understand the market but do not get seduced by the market size. Focus instead on building a distinguishing competitive edge. Do not dump 2nd grade work and encourage Innovation.

Distributed Model
A disributed leadeship market is the key to success. In International Markets, build your structure around the GDP. India and China have a small GDP. Unilever, in India understood this market and for a long time sold saches, instead of bottles of Shampoo.

Work within regulations but never compromise on ethical issues.

Interact and develop a local staff and foster ditributed leadership. It is better to sell or source global products to a local market. Build local talent. One common rule of thumb is that the head office is never the source of innovation.

Decisions must always be made close to the customer. Your strategy is to get a buy-in at the local level. Today teams from different countries can work on products across countries

Personal Development
Develop emotional intelligence and cultural bandwidth. You must be able todeal across cultures, beliefs and languages.

Creating Change
Use your networks. Always hire the best people. Leadership develops over time. Read the feedback and adjust.

Personal Lessons:
1 Emphasize performance. Get the job done. Analyse clearly, what defines success. The bottom line is always results.

2. Address Complexity: Get out of your safety zone. Embrace complexity and take risks. Take on untidy, unnerving situations.

3. Emphasize achievement, not money. Build people, operations and franchizes.

4. Family support is critical. There is no work/home switch.

5. Go for high thinking and simple living. Live below your means. This will give you more control.

  • You drive your career: Prepare to zigzag.
  • Dont be constrained by artificial boundaries
  • Ask yourself, am I learning new stuff?Am I having fun?
Confucius said: Find a job you love and you'll never have to work in your life.

Q& A session
  • Consumers in banks want the same basics. Investment returns and savings
  • About crisis: We always do better 6 inches below water. Think your way out of trouble.
  • Show your value addedness early.
  • Empathize with the goals of the members of your team.
  • Conflict resolution: It is always hardest at home. You must build credibility. Do not get paralysed by stereotypes and assumptions. Finally, trust your instinct.

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