Leadership Conference Speakers-I

Speaker: Jeff Clark, COO Computer Associates
CA has a market cap of 17B .
Jeff Clark worked at Dec, Compaq and HP before joining CA

When he joined CA, it was mired in scandal. JC faced the challenge of moving CA from a paternalistic founder-based organization(a command and follow organization) to a company of distributed leadership.
His challenges were three-fold. He needed a strategic operational plan. He needed to rally the demotivated employees and finally he had to rebuild customer and investor confidence. JC emphasized the point that during a crisis there is no single approach. He spoke of the HP Compaq merger that came right after Sept 11th.

Here are the steps a company must do:
1. Communicate: This is not done well. Plans must be transparent within an organization. Always listen to the stakeholders.
2. Achieve early wins. One must identify milestones and foster a performance based culture. Patience is an overrated virtue. Have early demos, symbols and create a war-room.
3. Lead by example: Exhibit hard work and commitment. JC was called the Racoon during CA's early days because of the dark circles under his eyes. Say what you'll do and do what you say.
4. Make decisions based on data and economics, free from bias or politics.
In CA, moving to a distributed leadership meant granting autonomy, clarifying responsibility.
CA has a rigorous budget process.
5 Finally measure, measure, measure
Define metrics. Ensure people do what they are measuured on. Allow for adjustments of plans. Develop a culture of measurement. CA has a governance rating of 6%.

The HP Compaq merger happened 5 years ago. The merger meant integration of UNIX versions of DEC and HP-UXAs a result the company is in a better position and is the primary competition to IBM.

When he joined CA, the emphasis was on growth. He decided early that it was going to make 10 acquistions. He decided that he needed a new breed of DNA to create distributed leadership. This meant bringing in tested execs from 'pristine' organizations. He established a new compensation system. Another key decision was to get enogh returns on investment capital. One such decision was to sell real estate and buy back stock.

To receive feedback, manage by walking around.Talk permeates Another strategy is to use confidential employee surveys.

HP should have done a better job retaining executives

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