If it looks like a D.T. and walks like a D.T...

This afternoon we met with Dr. Karim Lakhani, who just graduated from MIT and has just accepted a position at the Harvard Business School. He has just co-authored a book on Open Source. Here are some of the minutes of the meeting.

We asked him if Open Source was a Disruptive Technology. He said that it fit the model for Disruptive Technologies as described by Clay Christensen. We asked him why we did not have the results we expected with the Lotka- Volterra model. He said that our perceptions were limited by the fact that we only had estimates based on Red Hat sales and not on data from Linux downloads and shared copies. Meanwhile, I wonder if it fits the Utterback and Acee model. Any other questions?

Seriously, we are all grateful he gave us his time and so invaluable ideas for our paper. As we were leaving we asked him if he read all the books of his vast collection. Quoting another author, he said that his books were as much for inspiration as they were for knowledge. Thanks again Karim!

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