Book Review: Sin City Book 1- The Hard Goodbye

Fascinated by the movie and Micky Roorke's character, I decided to sample the series. Upon reading the book, I realized how perfectly loyal the movie stays to the book. I was even more impressed with both Robert Rodrigues, the director of Sin City and Frank Miller, the creator of the Sin City series.

Marv is a no-good looser, a thug who cannot stay away from brawls. Marv has a heroic side to him as well. He could take on an army and treats women respectfully.

When someone treats him well, he would give up his life for that person. If someone treats him badly, well, he could be ruthless. Someone seems to be framing Marv for murder. Why?

I loved the unapologetic, ruthless plot of this Sin City tale where men can be brave or vicious, girls are wild and dangerous and justice is ruthless. Author Frank Miller's genius shows, not just in the story but in his brilliant graphics. Sin City comes alive keeping the reader wanting more! This book is not for the faint hearted.

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