Quick Notes on Internationalization

* Unicode Types

o UTF 8 - 1 to 4 bytes

o UTF 16 Series of 16 bit words

o UTF 32- Exactly 32 bits - Unicode code point

* Considerations

o Strings

+ Compound Strings

o Dates

o Currency

o Right to left languages

+ Arabic

+ Urdu

+ Arabic

o Sorting

o Trademarks


* Java Considerations

o Property files in ASCII

o Date

o Date Format

o Resource Bundles

o Locales

+ java.util.locale

o Struts

o OS Locale

o Javascript- button values

o BiDi- Bi Directuional text- Lto R (Latin) and R to L

* Web Application Considerations

o Browser support

* Multilocal

* Localization

* XLIFFs- XML standard to specify Internationalied strings

o Source

o Note

* Locale

o Territory

o code set

o conventions

+ collation info

+ case conversion

+ character classifications

+ message catalog

+ date/time

# Which day comes first?

+ Numeric representation

+ Default Locale

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