Parking in Davis Square,Sommerville, MA

Have you ever had the gut wrenching experience of having to park in Davis Square? To say that it is riduculous is an undetstatement. I work at the Davis Square and for the most part I ride the T.(By the way, the t is no longer affordable for the common man.) Today was one day when I had to drive down as I had to drop the little ones in school.

Every hour I am onmy toes, trying to rush in and feed my quarters to the machine, hoping I can beat the meter people. If you've been to Davis sqaure, you know how efficient they can be. Surely they are the meterpeople from hell. Sometimes you could get a ticket if your carstays in its spot 5 minutes past expiry time. One wonders why these people don't find alternative sources of income, judging by their efficiency.

My colleagues recount horror stories on how much they have donated to the city in parking fees and tickets and we all know its a joke. I did some digging around and found out my options.
1. There is on street parking which costs a $120 a year, but for this you must first win a lottery to get a permit. (A lottery to park. Who thought of that one?)

2. You could park in front of Osco Drugs. That will cost you $80 PER MONTH!

3. There's the Grove Street Parking lot and Buena Vista parking lot, both of which cost $80 a month. YES! PER MONTH!
4. Finally there's the Margual Parking lot which costs $120. Of course you must get a parking space here and even then you are not guaranteed a spot! Besides you must catch a shuttle to get to Davis square.

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