Quincy Center These days

Its amazing. Most stores in the area(mostly furniture stores) seem to be closing. Several store area s are advertized for leasing. The whole Quincy Center needs a CPR in a hurry. I would love to see shops over there that people flocked to. Where did all the hustle and bustle go? Its only when they have one of those weekend summer fair that we see alot of people in the area.

One landmark in the area is the Jae Kim Tae Kwon Do school I attend. It is efficiently managed and has excellent caring instructors. Opposite the school, across the street is a Dunkin Donuts that is only of the few places where I can get good coffee over the weekend. There is one more good coffee place on the same side of the street as the Tae Kwon Do school but they are closed for renovation. Next door is a Pizza place with a lot of area. The owner is a nice guy but I have not seen too many customers. On the other side of the school is a bar and restaurant, one of the few crowded places in the area.

There is a Police Athletic Leaugue Boxing School right next to the Dunkin Donuts. Apparently they are still in business and must be doing something right. Next door to them a
Today, I went to check out the comic book store in Quincy Center. Recently a new Samurai Drumming school that has opened out right next to theboxing school. Tried checking them out but they were closed as this isa Saturday.

I recently saw Sin City and decided to check out those Frank Miller picture novels. I did find them there. As I looked at the pages of 'That Yellow Bastard' I could apprecieate Robert Rodriguez' movie making skills a lot more. The movie is a snapshot-by-snapshot remake of the book(A review of the movie is inthe making. Visit Rajiv's Reviews regularly and you'll see one.)

I saw comic books of CSI, CSI Miami and CSi New York. I have never seen anyone read any of them on the T. (Almost everyone on the T is reading either the Da Vinci Code or Angels and Demons these days.) Then there was the complete 'Dennis the Menace' by Hank Kecham. I resisted the temptation to buy a copy. Then there were other comic books that claimed that they were new motion pictures. Then were were comics of nude women, a lot of trading cards and kids sitting in the store playing some card game. This comic book store(,probably all of them) seems to have a very special clientelle.

I'd like to see the modernization of Quincy Center. Actually I want it to happen just as it did at Arlington Heights.

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