MovieReview: Farenheit 911 (2004)

The truth and nothing but the truth. The whole truth? Of course not. Thats how I'd sum up this movie by the Cheeseburger(As he's called on right wing radio.), Michael Moore.
Bush vacationed for months after becoming President.Bush continued to read to a class of kindergarteners for 10 minutes after the first plane struck the World trade centers on 911.The army sends out sales people who patrol malls and shopping centers to get young people to join them. They pick out the poorest among us.

The Bush family has allies in Oil Corporations and all those evil rich people in Saudi. His family had ties even with Osama's family.Osama's crew attended flight school in this country. The CIA knew about this and informed Bush. Bush just sat around with this information. Bush fooled us all by drawing a non-existent connection between 911 and Iraq. And there is the war itself.Want to hear more rants? Watch this one.

Unfortunately, for him,  most people did not buy Moore's allegations. They still voted for Bush. To add salt to Michael's wounds, he had little luck at the Oscars. Personally, I liked 'Bowling for Columbine' more.

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