Weblogic Notes II

    <>What is a Portal
  • Single point of access for apps and info
  • May be one of many hosted on a Single weblogic Server
  • End User sees portal as a website with pages organized by tabs/other Nav mechanism
  • Each page has a nesting of pages and one or more portlets
  • J2EE perspective - Portal is a collection of EJBs and Webapps(Servlets, JSps taglibs, Java Classes

Portal Components
  • Desktop
  • file, above and below main body
  • Book
  • Page
  • Layout/Placeholder
  • Portlet
  • Portal Rendering andLook and Feel Components
  • Skins-Colors, graphics, style

  • Skeletons

Portal Development Tools and Services
  • Designers and Samples
  • Java Controls
  • JSP Tags
  • Content Management
  • Personalization, Interaction and Behavior Tracking
  • Apis

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