Today's News 6/6/2005

  • Court: Government can ban medical marijuana use. Click here
  • US intelligence reform hampered by lack of strategic vision. Click here
  • Pentagon has no plans to close Guantanamo Bay prison. Click here
  • Super bacteria can liv eunder bedsheets, computer covers and fingernails. Click here
  • Study: Milk may make heavier kids. Click here
  • UAL passengers can surf the web in flight. Click here
  • Paris and London receive glowing tributes from IOC. Click here
  • West Nile virus spread more easily than previously imagined. Click here
  • Core of Supernova goes missing. Click here
  • Foreign Secretary Straw sees no pint in EU vote. Click here
  • Protests deepen in Bolivian City. Click here
  • No verdict for Jacko yet. Click here.
  • Syrian VP steps down. Click here.
  • Iraq nabs 900 suspected millitants. Click here.
  • Court: Ships must provide disabled access. Click here
  • Hizbollah's win bolsters defiance on arms. Click here.
  • International Criminal court launches investigation on suspected war crimes in Sudan's Darfur region. Click here.
  • 38 killed in land mine explosion under a bus in Nepal. Click here
  • Violence erupts outside Jerusalem's al-Aqsa mosque. Click here
  • Blair backs EU treaty after UK suspends vote. Click here
  • Republicans see hope in California. Click here
  • US withdraws threat against North Korea. Click here
  • Suicide attempts linked to weight perception. Click here
  • Hillary slams Bush. Click here
  • Judge upholds Democrat's win as Washington Governor. Click here
  • US Senator certain that a Syrian was involved in the assasination of Lebanese PM Hariri's death. Click here

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