Tec News April, May,June 2005

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Tech News 6/15/2005

* VoIP pioneers seek to end regular phone networks. Click here

* The slow road to XP. Click here

* Open Source lamp a beacon to developers. Click here

* Google readying for web-only video search. Click here

* Microsoft offers beta for adobe rival. Click here

* Sun begins Open-Solaris era. Click here

* Ericsson, Napster team up to bring music on mobile phone. Click here

* Partygaming, the world's biggest online poker company raises 2 B. Click here

* Microsoft under fire for censoring China Blogs. Click here

* Microsoft announces 3 critical software patches. Click here

* Yahoo buys dialpad, enters Voip market. Click here

* PC makers snub Media Player-less windows. Click here

* Siebel updates hosted CRM again. Click here

* BT offers combo fixed-mobile handset. Click here

* MCI stakeholder files proxy against Verizon Merger. Click here

* Netscape cofounder eyes videoblogs. Click here

* Email warns of Tsunami possibility in California. Click here

* Java flaws opens door to hackers. Click here

* Blog: Challenging China: Click here.

* EBay ends Live 8 Ticket sale after Bob Geldof remark. Click here

* Increase seen in Browser based attacks. Click here

* Sun Engineers offer personal Source code tours. Click here

* Microsoft seeks XBox touch for Music. click here

* Feds vulnerable to lots of net threats. Click here

* iPod top tool for Corporate esionage. Click here

* Robots run wild in hospital. Click here

* Getting the media to work for you. Click here

* HP's $499 notebook. Click here

* Tech firms out to conquer Globe. Click here

* Touch screen jogs social memories. Click here

* AI developed for Mars explorers. click here

* Scheme promoting IT jobs for girls. Click here

* Nortel's #2 resigns after 3 months. click here

* Mobile giants boost phone ranges. click here

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Tech News 6/8/2005

* AOL to feature SBC, Bell South online yellow pages. Click here

* Online gamer gets life for Cyber Sabre stabbing. Click here

* Google surpasses Time Warner to become most valuable media company. Click here

* Tivo's mobile video services on Microsoft devices. Click here

* Windows to be sold without Media player. Click here

* Bell South to launch Wireless broadband. Click here

* New brains for apple. Click here

* Perins joins start-up SourceLabs. Click here

* New patching tools from Microsoft. Click here

* Ads warn teens of predators. Click here

* Interactive Corp selling stake at VUE to NBC for 3.4 million. Click here

* Nintendo to create DS hotspots in Japan. Click here

* TI raises 2nd quarter earnings target. Click here

* Indie labels join forces. Click here.

* Unisys adds server expansion option. Click here

* Models mimic molecular travellers. Click here.

* Cisco bullish on service provider market. Click here

* Is Intel a safe bet for Apple Security? Click here

* A little Hollywood in NEC's lineup. Click here

* Offshore outsourcing satisfaction drops. Click here

Monday, June 06, 2005

Tech News 6/6/2005

* Apple to shift from IBM to Intel chips. Click here

* Cheers and jeers inside Apple for Intel. Click here

* UAL passengers can surf web on flight. Click here

* Microsoft teams up with AT&T to develop Internet based business services. Click here

* E. W. Scripps Co plans to buy Shopzilla search engine. Click here

* CVS launches digital camcorder in the US. Click here

* Microsoft Antitrust proposal wins over EU. Click here

* Companies sense the type of music that sells. Click here

* DVD Decrypter author served with order to stop. Click here

* More Venture Captialists in Europe than in the US. Click here.

* Net phones must offer 911. Click here.

* Tech CEOs want free trade. Click here

* Spoofing flaw resurfacees in Mozilla browse. Click here

* AIM debuts email. Click here

* VoIP phone services targeted by pharming and other online attackers. Click here

* HP helps companies compy with accounting regulations. Click here

* Mark Hurd is HP's new marketing exec. Click here.

* Balmer: Why IT matters. Click here

* Experts: Microsoft's XML lay will not backfire. Click here.

* Tech skills bring in big bucks. Click here

* The 9 to 5 notebook. Click here

* First quarter web Ad sales hit 2.8 M. Click here

* Intel, RedHat Sap invest in Black Duck. Click here

* Microsoft lets IT managers wipe your phone. Click here

* Satellite specialist Hughes launches utility broadband. Click here

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Tech news 6/04/2005

* Not much for kids to do on online domain set up by US two years ago. Click here

* New Virus that claims Bin Laden was arrested fools few. Click here

* Sony slips but Intel raises chip stocks. Click here.

* Samsung steps up mp3 player business. Click here

* California violent video game push stalls. Click here

* Apple, IBM part ways. Click here

* Akimbo takes Tivo's concept a step further.

* China's Lenovo to debut first Thinkpad. Click here

* RatDVD adds to movie swapping woes. Click here

* Apple launches ipod recycling program. Click here

* Security provider provides dashboard to monitor and manage data to prevent it from unauthorized coping, transmission, printing. Click here

TechNews 6/03/2005

* Google's long memory stirs privacy fears. Click here

* Porn sites get their own extension,.xxx. Click here

* Net porn plan labelled as obscene. Click here

* Motorolla cautious over wireless phones. Click here

* Apple agrees to settle iPod battery claims. Click here

* Uphill battle for portable video in mobile market.(Small screens are a big factor)Click here

* Sharp to Launch 65 inch LCD TV.(World's largest) Click here

* Red Hat lets go of Fedora Linux. Click here

* Stockpile of ipods bring down apple. Click here.

* Google tests web indexing tool. Click here

* Tech jobs rise, telecom jobs fall. Click here.

* EBooks coming to PSP? Click here.

* Consumer broadband set to grow from 32M to 69M. Click here

* AOL to launch free Internet portal. Click here.

* Week in Review, Sun's acquisition of Storage Tek. Click here

* Sony threatens PSP sellers in UK who sell PSPs before European Launch. Click here

* Buying StorageTek-Sun's last big gamble? Click here

* Ex Qwest CFO to plead guilty. Click here

* Microsoft grapples with attack on MSN Korean website. Click here

* Trust in a Bottle? Click here

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Tech News 6/1/2005

* SBC to offer high speed internet at $14.95 a month. Click here

* EU exec proposes phone logs for a year to combat terrorism and fraud. Click here.

* Google shares surge to new heights. Click here

* Taiwan PC maker offers new designs. Click here

* Gadget Frenzy hits Taipei. Click here

* Sony to pay $7M to boss ousted in shakeup. Click here.

* Cognizant Technologies listed on NASDAQ among 100 fastest growing companies. Click here

* With Microsoft's Longhorn, you can edit uncompressed digital photos. Click here.

* Einstein's ideas still hold water. Click here.

* Dell CEO gets 17% salary increase. Click here

* Sony provides Video everywhere. Click here

* Tech worker confidence drops in May. Click here.

* Irish school uses biometric fingerprinting to rule out truancy. Click here

* Cell phones back in flight? Click here

* Red Hat set to release directory server. Click here.

* CA seeks to make its Unicenter products interact better with 3rd party products. Click here

* Microsoft submits antitrust proposal to EU. Click here

* Google entices students with open source apprentices. Click here

* Sara Lee Recipe is heavy on SAP. Click here.

* Kickboxing comes home. Click here

* AMD unveils dualcore desktop chips. Click here

* Will Intel open Pandora's box with Mac Mini twin? Click here

* Chips slightly down. Click here

Monday, May 30, 2005

Tech News 5/30/2005

* Many unaware of Browser security link Click here

* Nike tells customers to design shoes themselves. Click here.

* Lawyers question radio-Tivo like devices. Click here.

* US mission to reopen Indonesia. Click here.

* Time running out for Microsoft over EU row. Click here.

* Japan eyes supercomputer as early as 2010. Click here.

* Japanese mobile makers hit hurdles at home and abroad. Click here

* Unions vow to resist privatization of Telecom in Pakistan. Click here.

* India's TVs has recieved 1.2B to invest in Indonesia. Click here.

* Phone companies loose round in Texas Tv bid. Click here.

* China's Tech future: Click here.

* Swarm technology photos: Click here

* Veteran microsoft millionaires chooses alternate careers. Click here

* Cellphones on planes- A security threat? Click here.

* Online travel industry forced to prove maturity. Click here

* FED warns of RFID misuse. Click here

* Fighting Spam and Cyberscam: Click here

* City wide Wifi reality check-reality check- Click here

Friday, May 27, 2005

Tech news 5/27/2005

* Internet Radio gaining but faces hurdles like digital copyrighting. Click here.

* Trendy Urban Networking startup faces woes as CEO departs. click here

* Website responsible for US-Indonesia closure. Click here

* Protability gaining in new PC era. Click here.

* Sirius Spring deals: Click here

* Hitachi tops plasma panel investment plan. Click here

* OS makers slow to fix flaws. Click here

* Via C7 processor for low-cost notebooks. Click here.

* Terrorist link to Copyright piracy? Click here

* Open source startup gets 12million in funding. Click here

* Plan to access student data draws fire. Click here

* Siebel discloses employee retention program. Click here.

* HD radio gears up for reality. Click here

* Gartner: 2005 looks good for handset sales. Click here.

* ZombieMeter keeps track of hacked PCs. Click here.

* Movie fans stay home with DVD and Tivo. Click here

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Today's news 5/26/2005

* Homeland security cannot stop an Internet Attack. Click here.

* CIA war game simulates major Internet attack. Click here

* Young mobile users most interested in music. Click here

* Yahoo rolls out phone mail service. Click here.

* Microsoft IE 8 users must uninstall netscape. Click here

* HP aims to help Governement check digital IDs. Click here

* Bank of America takes on Cyber scams. Click here

* Phishers get personal. Click here.

* Gartner predicts that IT staff will fall by 15 %. Click here

* WiFi catches up with Indy 500 racers. Click here.

* TiVo posts narrower loss. Click here

* EU to fund global research on Open souce( $825,594) Click here

* Dell, Hp gain on IBM in the server market. Click here

* Gartner: Pc shipments will top 200M. Click here

* Cisco to buy Fine Ground, a company specializing in network optimization. Click here

* Wireless email software maker Good Technologies receives 200M in funding. Click here

* Recording industry files lawsuit against Internet2 Swappers. Click here

* Google looses first round to Digital Envoy. Click here

* Is Jobs souping up Macs? Click here.

* Robo-Mop Scooba to hit markets next year. Click here

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Tech News 5/25/2005

* US shuts down network that leaked Star Wars. Click here.

* Sony BMC and AOL close to signing music deal. Click here

* FTC asks for help against Spam Zombies. Click here.

* Nokia unveils Linux based web device without phone. Click here

* Hollywood unions to strike a vote against the Video gaming industry. Click here

* Google goes portal. Click here.

* FBI probes network breach at Stanford. Click here.

* Senators urge international copyright crackdown on China and Russia. Click here.

* HP set to demo last inhouse chip. Click here.

* Antiphishing toolbar for firefox released. Click here.

* Startup promotes electic clothes, backpack. Click here

* HP close to Itanium makeover. Click here.

* ABC, NBC launch podcasts. Click here.

* Microsoft plugs phishing hole in XBox site. Click here. Apple fixes hole in Keynote. Click here.

* Zombies ousting viruses. Click here.

* IOmega aiming for 800 G DVDs. Click here.

* AMD unveils pacifica plan. Click here.

* Lead google engineer leaves post to study stars. Click here

* CIA overseeing 3 day war game. Click here.

* Radar love. Click here.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Tech News 5/23/2005

* Marketers, big and small take to Blogs. Click here

* Racy Hilton ad crashes burger chain site. Click here

* Pope's old flat on online auction. Click here

* Rivals Microsoft and Apple to battle on the wireless market. Click here.

* Apple may use Intel Chips for Macs. Click here.

* Jobs says apple with support Podcasts. Click here

* PalmSource CEo Resigns. Click here.

* Samsung disposes HanoroTelecom stake. Click here.

* Korean Company widens lead on Microsoft on IM Market. Click here

* Bipass found for Microsoft Piracy Check. Click here

* House approves Spyware bill. Click here

* Kids to get a lesson on Copyrighting. Click here

* Linux labs lays of a sixth of its programmers. Click here

* CA Fixes bug in Antivirus products. click here

* Samsung develops Flash based disks with up tol 16G capacity. Click here

* Skype, Internet Phone provider now has 1800 affiliates. Click here

* Infineon and IBM collaborate on new memory Technology. Click here.

* Robot from Roomba scrubs floors. click here.

* New film Madagascar pushes Tech limits. Click here

* Photos of Beijing Expo. Click here.

* HP finds backers for LightScribe Technology. Click here

* Microsoft announces Satellite imaging maps to compete with google, amazon and Yahoo. Click here

* Study: Online teens need more supervision. Click here.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Tech News 5/19/2005

* Final Star Wars film leaked on internet. click here

* Walmart ends online DVD rentals, promotes netflicks. Click here

* Google announces personalized home page. Click here

* Most Video Piracyin Asia happens in Vietnam and China. Click here

* NTT to form joint venture in China. Click here

* Info glut is overblown: Gates Click here

* Game industry seeks to target non gamers, women. Click here

* verisign to increase number of DNS servers. click here

* 911 mandate may hit nomad net phones the most. Click here.

* SAP offers first peak at Mendocino. Click here

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Tech News-3 5/18/2005

* Intel to launch desktop PC for businesses. Click here.

* Yahoo upgrades Instant Messenger. click here.

* Nokia to provide video games on full range of phones. click here

* Acura's Smart car. Click here

* Spectator advertizing next goal of game makers. Click here

Tech News-2 5/18/2005

* Why BBC is ahead of Hollywood. Click here

* Personal data for the taking. Click here.

* Will Xbox 360 end Sony's reign? Click here

* Netscape to launch anti Phishing Browser. Click here.

* US on the right path with Nanotech Click here

* Fugitsu upgrades UNIX servers. click here

* Entrust for e-passports. Click here.

Tech News 5/18/2005

* Google releases desktop search for businesses. Click here

* Get the next earthquake forecast online. Click here

* Time Warner settles suit with subscribers in NY for misleading advertizing. Click here.

* Palm One unveils device with media features. click here

* Power outage at Electronic Entertainment Expo. Click here

* SAP establishes closer ties with MS, Intel, IBM, EMC and CA. Click here

* Can podcasting live up to its hype? Click here.

* Intel's new CEO Paul Otelolini. Click here.

* Gamers prefer new games to features. Click here

* Microsoft to launch single sign on Digital cards. Click here.

* Google now sells ads for RSS feeds. Click here

* Can Telecom get profits from enterprize IP? Click here

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

More technews 5/17/2005

* HP unpacks storage updates. Click here

* Gartner Symposium day 1: Blog Click here.


* Reverse auction that puts sellers in competition with buyers is a hit, says EBay. Click here.

* Members of fake drugs that sell on the internet silent before US panel. (Click here.)

* A study says Blogs have not displaced traditional media(Click here)

* Time warner may spin off AOL. (Click here.)

* Nintendo unveils new gameboy. Click here.

* Sony Unveils new playstation 3. Click here.

* Mobile phones can now receive amber alerts. Click here.

* Studios release movies for PSP. Click here.

* Study to find motives for corporate computer sabotage. Click here.

* MountainDew and Microsoft to give away XBoxes every 10 minutes Click here

* Free music videos Tv on cell phones. Click here

* Microsoft looking for customers for cell phone location server. Click here.

* Nest IE will feature tabbed browsing like Firefox. Click here.

* Media Center Pc and next XBox tightly coupled. Click here.

* Tech companies may have more overtime hazzles. Click here

* Manufactured diamonds closer to nature. Click here.

* Office 12 emphasizes on Collaboration. Click here.

* La County to use Radio frequency Identification bracelets on inmates. Click here.

* Sony Cuts HD camcorder to half-size. Click here.

* Scientists find new chemicals in fire. Click here

* Small and medium sized business firms to grow by 13% Click here.

* Sun launches consulting services to drive Java sales. Click here.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Tech News 5/13/2005

* Microsoft to launch Anti Virus and security updates for PCs. click here.

* Microsoft and Sun pursue gap-bridging product plans. click here.

* Next generation gaming consoles to dominate E3 gaming expo.

* Pictures of Robots on the march. Click here.

* Oracle settles whistleblower lawsuit with Govt. Click here.

* Ebay wins latest round of MercExchange case. click here.

* Oracle works quitely with Mozilla, may be planning Open source product. click here.

* 'Toy' computer languages going Corporate. Click here.

* IBM backs firefox internally. Click here.

* People are listening more to satellite radio, less to conventional radio. Click here.

* VC firms and Corporations teaming up to developing fuel cells, but commercialization is way off. Click here.

* The song wars this week. Click here.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

More Tech News 5/12/2005

* Canada regulation free for VoIP startups. click here.

* Apple divorses Open Source Software in favor of its own for its Safari Browser. click here.

* MPAA targets TV download Sites. Click here.

Tech News 5/12/1005

* Yahoo sued over Child porn site. Click here.

* Microsoft unveils XBOX 360 with a 20G hard drive, remote control and customizabel front panel. Click here.

* Dell hopes to extend use of high speed data connectionon notebook PCs by offering Internet links via mobile phone networks. click here.

* Mobile phones will overtake th eiPod says Gates. Click here.

* Pixalert blurs Illicit imageswhile you watch. Click here. Rajiv's View: I'd love a QA job in Pixalert.

* While IBM and HP have storage woes. EMC will gain share. Click here.

* TMobil reports profits because of strong Subscriber growth. Click here.

* Microsoft seeks to make older PCs into thin clients. Click here.

* IBM, Redhat to promote Linux mainframe. Click here.

* Balmer talks about Car insurance and gay rights. Click here.

* Major solaris fetaures slip to 2006. Click here

* Dell profits rise as PC sales rise. click here.

* Ingersoll Rand learnt the hard way how blogs can lay waste a product. Click here

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Still More news 5/11/2005

* Microsoft , MA target spammers near Boston. Click here

* AOL to unveil free email service. Click here.

* Micosoft to begin for 2 joint venture in China. Click here.

* Google has won license to operate in China. Click here.

* Yahoo to launch Euro version of Music service. click here.

* US Scientists create self self replicating robot. Click here.

* Matrix semiconductor develops smallest 1 GIG Sillicon Memory. Click here.

* No love for Cisco. Click here.

* Napster reports wider loss but more revenue. Click here.

* European Commission says time is running out for Microsoft. Click here.

* Google puts breaks on Web Accelerator. Click here.

* IBM adds 4Gig per second to its storage lineup. Click here.

* IBM and Lawson team up to sell business system to midsize companies. Click here.

* A Florida law that threans to tax VoIP phones has been removed from the books.

* w3c Launches campaign to push Mobile Web Protocol. Click here.

* Longhorn will produce a 'red screen of death'. Click here.

* Jamie Lewis on the future of Identity management. click Here.

* Kodak CEO to step down in June. Click here.

* Blog: Is Microsoft going to buy RedHat? Click here.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

More Tech news 5/10/2005

* Sun to acquire Tantella, makers of thin client software. Click here.

* Pricing laws for digital music? Click here.

* Novell acquires Linux Security company Immunix. Click here.

* Information leaks too fast for Microsoft. Click here.

* Amid bleak predictions from Goldman Sachs, BEA's only near term catalyst can be acquisition. Click here.

* Google's need for speed. Click here.

Tech news 5/10/2005

* Yahoo launches music subscription service. Click here.

* Lily launches complaint over fake Cialis sold over Internet. Click here.

* Temporay EBay shutdown on Monday, caused by power outage. Click here

* Microsoft launches phone software that runs hard drives, and walkie talkie style push to talk. Click here

* HP rolls out printers for small businesses. Click here.

* Steve Wonder launches Video for blind. Click here.

* Arcot systems Inc, a security and access control software maker securees 11 M from investors. Click here.

* Matrix Semi Conductors picks up its 100th US patent for IC technology. Click here.

* CEOs of Red Hat and Microsoft meet in New York. Click here.

* Senate aproves electronic ID bill. Click here.

* Security concerns slow down Firefox growth. Click here.

* Microsoft issues security fix for injection vulnerablity. Click here.

* Microsoft backs Laplink mobile technologies. Click here.

* Intel forms open-source group. Click here.

* Gates sees dollars in small devices. Click here.

* Robot makers band together at Conflab. See photos here.

* Apple plugs security holesin iTunes. Click here.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Tech news 5/9/2005

* Singaporean shuts down Blog after libel threat. Click here.

* Etrade wants to buy rival Ameritrade. Click here.

* Internet telephone company Vonage unafraid of Cable companies launching telephone services. Click here.

* XBox details leaked ahead of launch. Click here.

* Sony and Toshiba agree on unified blue ray DVD format. Click here.

* Palm one LifeDrive Mobile Manager to compete with iPod. Click here.

* Real time home Golf simulation released by ProTee. click here.

* Internet attack on Cisco Broad and Long lasting. Click here.

* Apache eyes open source Java project. click here. Click here.

* Bringing computers to rural India hard and will cost car batteries. Click here.

* Women and Video games. click here.

* Cheaper technology triggers Star Wars fan films. Click here.

* Former Recording Industry Association of America head Hilary Rosen wants Jobs to open the iPod. Click here.

* Widgets in Mac can help porn scammers highjack browsers. Click here.

* Verizon accelerates FIOS campaign. Click here.

* JP Morgan's Tech head talks on mergers and acquisitions. Click here.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

More Tech news 5/7/2005

* Intel CEO says WiMAX is competing with cable. Click here.

* US to spend Billion for newer security systems. Click here.

* Google the rule breaker. Click here.

* Pixar running high. Click here. It reports higher than expected earnings for Incredibles. Click here.

* Opinion: Does mp3 market belong to iPod? Click here.

* BEA CTO says Service Infrastructure can accelerate SOA implementations. click here.

* BEA, Cisco,Napster to announce earnings. Click here.

Tech News 5/7/2005

* Qwest CEO may still pursue MCI. Click here.

* Yahoo Video search tool out of search phase. Click here.

* Wall Street ends a wild week higher. Click here.

* Big media companies weigh different Blog startegies. Click here.

* founder hopes to develop a pool of amateur journalists. Click here.

* Market has questions on Ask Jeeves. click here.

* Cablevision steals Verizon customers. Click here.

* Prices of UTStarcom slumps. click here.

* Privacy concerns grow amid Google's speeding up internet. Click here.

* Retouch reality with Adobe's photoshop. click here.

* Court rules that FCC cannot prohibit maufacture of hardware to record digital programs that are broadcat on TV. Click here.

* Experts work to aid GCC compiler. click here.

* SAP may outsell Oracle in the US. click here.

* Jail for RobinHoods who cost Microsoft millions. click here.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Tech News 5/5/2005

* India launches mapping satellite. Click here.

* Google and Yahoo's Video Search Wars. Click here. Yahoo announces finalized Video Search. Google announces liasons with TV programmers.

* Intel predicts 10 % growth of chip sales. This will be its 3rd staright year in double digit growth.Click here.

* Google speeds up websurfing with a new technology based on its global computer network. Click here.

* Job cuts will save Big Blue 1B in 2006. Click here.

* A British Electric car is set up to break speed record. Click here.

* Gateway enhances its JukeBox. Click here.

* Qualcomm, the cellphoen chip maker will support Linux in an attempt to back open source software. Click here.

* Phishing attacks take to new levels. Click here.

* Digital Cameras: Is less better? Click here.

* Cablevision stated that its optimal Voice Phone service is attrcating customers. Click here.

* Higher taxes caused big loss in first quater, says MCI. Click here.

* Blog: Microsoft plays Appleseed. click here.

* FCC Boss wants 911 for Internet phones. Click here.

* EMI Signs up for authorized music sharing from Snocap. Click here.

* Hackers figure out Sony UMD encryption. Click here.

* A unit of India's Mastek wins a deal with a US company to offshore select Adjustments Management functions. Click here

* Globus updates open source Grid tools. Click here.

* the next google? Click here. Or is it Click here.

* Enforcing a code of conduct for spyware? Click here.

* HP : Stuck in the middle of competetion? Click here.

* Tech stocks move today. Click here.

* Boom times in Bangalore. click here.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Tech News 5/4/2005

* Gates the Google killer. Click here.

* US Cities become Wireless hotspots. Click here.

* Connecticut sues Vonage about misleading customers on 911 limits. Click here.

* Speakeasy launches wireless broadband in Seattle. click here.

* JBoss sets up Indian office. Click here.

* Microsoft offers free Windows to customers with unlicenced copies to fight piracy. Click here.

* IBM to cut 13000 jobs. Click here.

* Security concerns over VOIP networks. Click here.

* EBay rejects two factor authentication mechanism. click here.

* Million resume madness in India. Click here.

* In 2007 China will surpass US in broadband subscribers. Click here.

* Copy and Paste reveals sensitive millitary information. Click here.

* Intrado, the backbone of the nation's 911 networks will use HP networks. Click here.

* Apple's Shuffles grabs 58% of Flash player amrket. click here.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Tech company news 5/3/2005

* Meryl Lynch's Steven Milunovich voted best Stock picker. Click here.

* Epiphany releases version E6.5 of its J2EE based CRM Suite. Click here.

* BEA to host Federal Exec forum on SOA strategy and Government implementations. Click here.

* Sun sets sights on Grid Computing. Click here.

* Best digital players from Forbes. Click here.

* HP settlement drives up EMC Stocks. Click here.

* Motorola declares Quarterly dividend. Click here.

* India joins competition for next Intel factory. Click here.

* Electronic Arts, the world's largest videogame publisher fails to measure up to Microsoft or TakeTwo's blockbuster hits. Click here.

Today's Tech News 5/3/2005

* Cisco to release more security products "ASA 5500" Click here.

* Bell South sign $3B agreement with JP Morgan Chase bank. Click here.

* Tech Stocks little moved by rate hike. Click here.

* Cingular pushes prepaid plan to cost concious individuals. Click here.

* Showtime to give away Microsoft XBoxes with a 12 month subscription. Click here.

* Samsung moves notebook computer lines into China. click here.

* Foreign investors bet on Yuan, amid speculation that China will revalue its currency. Click here.

* Is Microsoft's Metro document format which is to come with the next version of Windows, aimed to be Adobe's PDF killer? Click here.

* Tiger joins IMAC line. Click here.

* Besides Hyde park the British rant in Blogs about the election. Click here.

* Gates cautions to get US schools in order. Click here.

* Verisign opens research center in India. Click here.

* The word of God is coming into the Satanic world of Video games. Click here.

* Online ads on the rise. click here.

* Sony gives advertizers another venue to try: On the PSP. Click here.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Tech News Today 5/2/2005

* Is Bangalore, India's Sillicon Valley crumbling because of a neglected Infrastructure? Click here.

* Gates thinks that the new version of XBox code named Xenon could be number 1. Click here. It could be a media hub. Click here.

* Hackers are focuing more on breaking Viruses and iTunes and leaving Microsoft alone: Study. Click here.

* Children teach themselves to use computers. click here.

* If terrorists cannot be caught, grab their laptops. click here.

* CNN on Spam attack?click here.

* Europe and US in competition to be the first to find life on Mars. click here.

* India's Tata Consulatncy Services seeks ventures with Pakistani software firms. Click here.

* Sirius Media company to offer media show. Click here.

* Akamai releases web application accelerator. click here.

* BEA releases finding for Global Assesment of Global readiness for SOA. click here.

* Cisco and Juniper networks remain best postioned suppliers of communication infrastructure. Click here.

* lenovos' deal with the IBM PC unit could threaten DELL. Click here.

* Tech Stock rise slowly in Early Trade. Click here.

* Nextel and Motorola launch first blue tooth enabled rugged phones. click here.

* Ex Bush advisor Howard Schmidt joins Cyber crime startup. click here

* Is Ebay a rule breaker? Click here.

* Internet Search stock beating Ecommerce. click here.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Tech News Today 5/1/2005

* Extensible Business Reporting Language, a language developed by Accountants helps Fed find Financial Crooks. Click here.

* Google Search results may soon be based on Credibility rank than on date. Click here.

* Mars Rover stuck in the sand. Click here.

* Presidential Recordings program from the University of Virginia has caught Nixon and Rumsfeld on tape. Click here.

* <>Remington Technologies is testing a Rolling camera, shaped like a ball that can be thrown into a potentially dangerous situation to provide real time audio video feeds. Click here.

* Verizon to turn off free wireless access to laptop users away from home or office. Click here.

* China's Lenovo Group completes acquisition of IBM PC Division for $1.75B. Click here.

* Jobs banishes Biography. Click here.

* $55 Million Particle Physics experiment in a Minnesota mine to unravel mysteries of Neutrino. Click here.

* Italians want to close website showing Pope as a Nazi. Click here.

* Net Phones: Baby Bells Faces compettion from Cable companies and ISPs. Click here.

* Climate Control computers can reduce utility bills by sending signals to Central ACs, heaters and pools during peak periods. Click here.

* CEO on Ten Fold claims that Applications can be 10 times faster by using his application platform. Click here.

* Cell phone cameras increasingly used for digital shoplifting. Click here.

* Sybase CEO talks about Open sourcing his DB and offering it free to small and medium sourced businesses. Click here.

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Today's Tech News 4/30/2005

* Mac OS Codenamed 'Tiger' is on Sale. Click here.

* Congress may step in to urge lawmakers for computer security standards. Click here.

* TV on Mobile phone targeted for all. Click here.

* U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick to visit Indonesia to talk on TSunami, Counter Terrorism, Security Cooperation, democracy and human rights. Click here.

* Astronomers have confirmed the prediction of general relativity that distant Galaxies appear brighter to us than they actually are as the Universe acts like a magnifying lens. Click here.

* Firefox download passes 50 million. Click here.

* Defence Dept Renews contract to use security software, now sold by RedHat. Click here.

* Dell opens design center in Singapore. Click here.

* McNealy dismisses Sun Buyout Rumor. Click here.

* Many of Microsoft's internal server will be moved to 64 bit versions of Windows 2003. Click here.

* Longhorn vs tiger. Click here.

* UK hires Hackers to test Lawmaker systems. Click here.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Tech News 4/28/2005

* Former Sales head leaves Sun for Startup. Click here.

* Sun backed by Intel and Genentech in 1st Ammendment Lawsuit. Click here.

* IBM plans to package Tivoli with Rational tools. Click here.

* Debian Linux to be installed on 14000 computers in Munich. Click here.

* Microsoft profits rise on Servers and XBox but less than analyst estimates. Click here.

* Richard Branson teams with Yahoo for a Think Big Entrepreneur contest. The winner will get 10 million free ads on Yahoo. Click here.

* 2004 Ad revenue surpasses Dot com boom levels. Click here.

* New York Attorney General sues Intermix for bundling hidden Spyware. Click here.

* EBay Execs who got IPO shares to pay 3 million to settle lawsuit. Click here.

* HP unveils HD TV. Click here.

* Digital camera market peaked too soon. Click here.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Tech News 4/27/2005

* Yahoo launches Personal search amid huge battle with Google. Click here.

* Time Warner's Turner Broadcasting to launch Video Games. click here.

* Nokia unveils new phone that it claims will outsell iPod and Cannon Cameras. Click here and here.

* EU threatens to take steps if Microsoft does not comply. Click here.

* South Korean firm S K Teletek invests $26M in Chinese plant. Click here.

* Taiwan and Europe to bolster Tech ties at meet. Click here.

* Apple adds more power to g5 line. Click here.

* Bill Gates would like to scrap H1Bs. Click here.

* Never mistype 'Google'. Click here.

* SAP Pursues Oracle Customers. Click here.

* Ask Jeeves Profits up by 35%. Click here.

* Siebel's revenue fell by 9.2 % Click here.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tech News 4/26/2005

* Steve Jobs Bio Pulled from stores. Click here.

* 911 Service for Internet Phones? Click here.

* Real networks unveils Rhapsody 'Go' music. Click here.

* Yahoo hires Ex AOL exec for Media. Click here.

* Europe's super computer to monitor the stars. Click here.

* Juniper Networks to spend 450 mill on startups. Click here.

* Veritas introduces updates on its mission critical storage software. Click here.

* Microsoft introduces Black Box(like in Aeroplanes) into PCs. Click here.

* IBM's top 50 execs refuse raises. Click here.

* Real networks rekindlesbattles itunes. Click here.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Tech News 4-25-2005

* Google takes Adsense to a new level. Advertisers can now choose the sites they wish to display their sites on Click here

* BBC offers Hitchhikers guide on Mobile device. Click here

* Real networks launches subscription based mobile music. Click here.

* Microsoft previews next windows. Click here.

* Video game sales rise by 20%. Click Here.

* IE 7 to support PNG, CSS graphics, layout. Click here.

* Morgan Stanley optimistic on online ads. Click here.

* Samsung's harddrive works while asleep. Click here.

* Time for Nikon and Canon to open up propritory raw fileformat, say photographers. Click here.

* China Closing Tech Gap? Click here.

* The end of analog TV? Click here.

* C++ creator says C++ is bigger than ever. Click here.

* New CFO for Microsoft. Click here.

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Technews 4-15-2005

* After fighting legal wars over shipping Java, Sun and Microsoft have agreed to sign a patent agreement where Microsoft has paid $54 M (out of a possible 450M payment spread across 9 years)to extend patent sharing. Click here

* New technologies are changing the way we watch TV with devices like Tivo that release us from the tyranny of network timimgs. We watch shows at our convenience. now television shows are in th works to be broadcast over mobile devices. TVprograms, Video and games are all clubbed under the Television hub. CNEt is doing a special on this. Click here

* US Agencies have been told by the US Government to be vendor-neutral. This decision has AMD cheering. AMD has complained that governments in Europe are pushing for th euse of Intel chip based products.Click here.

* A new UN game has a new objective. Feed not kill. Click here. Rajiv's View: Hope this works! Good luck UN. Let's make the world obese.

* Beware of bogus Blogs. They may contain viruses. Click here

* Intel's new Laptop for Chinese University students. Click here

* Intel's $10000 bounty on a 40 year old article angers librarians. Click here

(4/14/2005 7:23:50 PM)

Tech News 4/13/2005

In Today's news

* HP is releasing Apple iPod from HP which will feature a 30G and a 60g model in addition to the 20G model Click here

* Microsoft warns of critical security flaws on Windows, IE, Word and Messenger. Click here

* Latest version of the Mac OS, codenamed Tiger to be released on 4/29. Click here

* Half of US taxpayers file online. Click here.

* Choices, features and comaptibilty problems for the idiot box. Click here

* Use nanotech particles instead of paint on your patio furniture.Click here.

(4/12/2005 7:50:23 PM)

Technews 4-12-2005

From Reuters

* Microsoft to unveil XBox on MTV on May 12th. Click Here. Sony has not annoced any date for the release of its next game box.

* Intel has begun shipping Dual core chips. AMD plans to ship its dual core chip Opteron next week(Click here for that story from CNET). AMD will sell them at the same price as some single processor chips to allow for quick adoptionFor Intel news, click hereClick here

* XM Satellite Radio has joined forces with AOL to win customers from the latter's 24 million subscribers.

* Father Roderick Vonhogen explained the whole Catholic church ceremony with a Podcast,a radio-like show that is broadcasr over the internet and can be downloaded on an iPod or mp3 player. Podcasts have been a rage since they were first released 9 months ago,. Click here.

* Microsoft and Gateway end legal battles and agree to work together. Click here.

* A Startup 'Round Two' plans to bring us a new improved version of the Firefox browser. (Click here)

* A sociology prof from University of Missouri Columbia has developed a program that has learnt sociology tems and can grade student essays. Click here.

* Microsoft suing 8 computer system builders and resellers for distributing counterfeit and unlicensed software.. Click here.

* QAccording to Challenger, Gray and Christmas, an outplacement firm, the Tech industry has slashed 60,000 jobs since January, twice the amount of jobs slashed during the same time last year. (Click here)

From MarketWatch

* Osaka based Matsushita Electric, makers of Panasonic equipment is considering Poison Pill options to fight off acquirers. Click here

Technews 4-8-2005

Sony Sold 1/2 million PSPs in 2 days Click Here. (4/7/2005 8:41:33 PM)

From Business Week To find a coveted position in this company,you don't pass the conventional interview. You must win the 'Code Jam' a coding competition. Google has had a dissapointing hiring process in India. It has 25 employees in Bangalore and hopes to hire more. The winner of the competition was from Singapore and the runner up from Indonesia. Rajiv's view: So many of us. Why so little talent? Click Here for the article.

From Reuters

* IBM and NetApp join forces and launch network storage products that will compete with EMC.

* Intel unveils NOR Flash chips,one with memory capacity from 64 to 512 K which will be available this quarter and another with 1GIG set to launch in the second half of this year.These chips can hold data even after the power is turned off. Intel is trying to steal ahead of AMD with this move. Another type of Flash chip is the NAND Flash chip. Samsung of South Korea dominates manufacture of this type of chip.

* Apple is trying to piggyback its success with iPod by selling Mac Minis at retailers like BestBuy. Apple owns less than 5% of the world market share in the PC industry.

Tech News 4/7/2005

From Reuters Sony has patented a technology that beams sensory information like smells, sounds and pictures into the brain. No invasive surgery will be needed in future to make a blind person see these pictures or a deaf person hear sounds. It can some day, according to this article, create video games with tastes,smells and touches. Rajiv's view: Maybe we could have cameras record the surroundings and convey it to a blind person's brain. Enormous possibilities (4/6/2005 4:20:54 PM)

From CNET: IBM, Nokia and Oracle have joined forces with the European commission to launch a legal offensive on Microsoft. The EU has accused Microsoft of monopolizing the media player market by shipping the mediaplayer with Windows systems. (4/6/2005 2:11:12 PM)

From Reuters: Hackers have gone deep into the inner workings of the PSP, adding more features. One geek added a IRC chat, 24 hours upon getting the PSP. Another added a web browser. Other features include an ebook reader, a movie viewer, and a comic book reader. I mentioned some while ago that a company has build a bridge to download iTunes onto the PSP. Another Hack has created the ability to transfer TV programs from Tivo Digital Recorders on to the PSP. Sony has offered no comment. Rajiv's View: you know where I stand in this issue. (4/6/2005 2:06:28 PM)

Technews 4/6/2005

From CNET: Hitachi Global Storage has announced that it will produce Hard Drives that can pack 230 G od Data per square inch. This means little devices like the Ipod can hold 20G of Music- Way cool (4/5/2005 10:50:43 AM)

Tech News 4/5/2005

From CNET:

* Sun is Opening up the shutters To compete with its open source nemesis, Linux, Sun has launched a open source solution, Open Solaris. Roy Fielding, founder of Apache has been called upon to join the advisory board on this project.

* Microsoft vs. Linux: A study shows that Microsoft and Linux system cost almost the same as microsoft. Many preffered MS for quality and performance. Its security features is getting better too and are almost as good as those on Linux.

* Pop up blockers have got better on Mozilla Firefox.

(4/4/2005 6:24:06 PM)

Tech News 4/2/2005

From the April 4th issue of Time Magazine The cell phone market is now heavily driven by the teenager segment. Camera phones now offer a resloution of up to 7 pixels. With enough games to play, the ability to blog with the phone, and highlights and live scores for the sports buff, the cellphone industry is now focussing on bringing movies to the mini screen. The popular Fox show '24' is a action serial condenses the happenings of 24 hours to a one hour show. The makers of the show are now being challenged to condense an entire TV showto a minute. (Shorter than some commercials.) Advertisers have convinced us to buy their products in a 30 second slots for decades now. Can a story or partial story be told in a minute? Can it keep us engrossed enough that we tune in the following week to watch the next episode? Rajiv's view:It's apossibility There are some commercials I like watching. Tim Bernes Lee, the inventor of HTML said a few weeks ago that Web Surfing with a Cellpone is not yet commonplace because of the lack of a standardized structure among websites. This will be the next geek frontier that we must cross. (4/2/2005 12:35:43 PM)

Tech News on 4/1/2005

From Asia pulse:

* Infotech, an Indian Geotech company is opening an office in Singapore.

* IBM has launched academic initiatives program in India

* Phillipnes will use Chines technology to treat Chemically polluted soil


* The Eu wants to delay the October deadline set by the US to introduce biometric passports Only six countries will be ina position to meet this deadline. The use of biometrics involves fingerprinting and iris scans. While the cost of using using such technologies is coming down, a stucy raises the issue of reliablity and intrusiveness in their use.

* MCI has accepted a $7.6 B offer from Verizon but has got permission to continue negotiations with Qwest. (Rajiv's view: When it comes to commitment even corporations get the jitter.

(4/1/2005 10:32:14 PM)

Reuters: Google announced that it will increase the capcity of storage space to 2 Gig. Rajiv's view: I was getting antsy that I was going to fill up that 1 gig in a few week. (4/1/2005 10:16:24 PM)

From Reuters: Despite the European Antitrust order, prohibiting Microsoft not to sell its Operating System with its Media Player, Pc makers Dell and HP have no plans of stripping the audio/video player out of their PCs that run Microsoft.According a a Securities analyst Barnicle, the wma propertietary files that can only be run of the Media Player is the most widely used format for audio/video recordings and PC makers will have a tough time selling their PCs minus a Media player. For obvious reasons, Real networks, the makers of the real audio player commended the Eurpean commision on its ruling. Raj'v's View: What's good for the goose hunter is not good for the goose. (4/1/2005 10:11:58 PM)

CNET News: The XM Satellite Radio seeks to promote itself by being incorporated in several gizmos. On its website are several such gadgets including th eCambridge Sound Works Doc, Delpi Mi fi(Something like an Ipod. Rajiv's View: You'll have to twist my arm really hard for me to pay about $30 for radio, no matter how clear or commerical free it is. (4/1/2005 10:03:49 PM)

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