Today's News 5/16/2005

  • Newsweek retracts Guantanamo Bay Koran desecration story. Click here.
  • Suicide Bomb kills 5 in Iraq. 12 more bodies found . Click here. more killings: At leaast 24 More Iraqis; 50 Bodies found. Click here.
  • US forecasters see atleast 15 more tropical storms and hurricanes in the Atlantic and Carribean. Click here.
  • Mediacreto pay 2Billion overthe next decade to pay for elderly and disabled patients. click here.
  • Kudzu, a herbal extract, helps reduce alcoholic consumption. Click here.
  • Study: Liver transplants from live donors work better. Click here.
  • Goodman, 40 year old former chief apparel officer of Kmart will become president of US Dockers. Click here.
  • UN makes first step toward finding Kyoto Protocol successor. Click here.
  • From Smart Money: Fast Job Growth markets. Click here.
  • US Hardens stance on Uzbekistan. Click here. Mass arrests likely after bloody Uzbek uprising. Click here.
  • Supreme court lifte ban on WIne shipping. Click here.

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