Today's News 5/13/2005

  • Pentagon to close 33 US bases. Click here.
  • Uzbek forces storm government buildings seized by rebels. Click here
  • US soldier says he wired Abu Gharib victims to gain sensitive information. Click here.
  • An AIG's executive will testify about the company's accounting in exchange for immunity. Click here.
  • Week's top news and analysis. Click here.
  • Can Martha turn around her company? Click here
  • Two different localized climates on Mars cause its Southern polar cap offset to its geographical pole. Click here
  • Venus returns. Click here.
  • New battery based on Radioactive decay of nuclear materials is 10 times more powerful than similar prototypes. Click here.
  • Saturday, Taiwan is headed for crutial poles. China is concerned. Click here.
  • Columbia reports $30 million drug haul. Click here.
  • US limits Chinese textile imports. Click here.
  • Judges in Egypt will not oversee election unless guaranteed autonomy. Click here.
  • Pope names American ArchBishop to oversee Church doctrine. Click here. He also puts John Paul on fast track to sainthood. Click here.
  • The 'love and war' Iraqi serial. click here.
  • Several municipalities taxing cell phones. Click here.
  • Thousand in Brazil protest President da Silva's slow reforms and US plans for America's wide free trade. Click here.
  • Breastfed tiger cubs die of dehydration. Click here.
  • Fighting in Iraq Syria border Click here.
  • Democrats threaten delay on Bolton's vote. Click here. they also want congress to block pension defaults. Click here.
  • Senate bracing for judicial nominees fight. Click here.
  • $50 billion more for Iraq, Afghan wars. Click here.
  • Israeli forces clash with guerillas. Click here.

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