Today's news 5/11/2005

  • Unidentified plane causes emptying of WhiteHouse and Capitol. Click here.
  • Suicide bombs kill atleast 71. Click here.
  • Abu Gharib victim's testimony banned from trial. Click here.
  • No delay in Gaza Pullout says Israel. Click here. More middle east news. Click here
  • Eary therapy beneficial for HIV babies. Click here
  • Obesity drug beneficial in short term. Click here
  • Both Chemotherapy and drugs work better for pancreatic cancer than single therapy. Click here
  • Disney profits jump by 30%. Click here.
  • Stock prices go up as Crude oil prices slide. Click here.
  • Carl Icahn wins slate in Blockbuster. Click here
  • United labor contracts head to court. Click here
  • Dreamworks falls as DVD sales of Shrek 2 disappoint. Click here.
  • Delta will exchange some debt for 2.9 million shares amid bankcruptcy fears. Click here.
  • Napster shares fall shorter by 2% in late trade. The shares had already taken a hit after Yahoo announced online movie subscriptions. Click here
  • Napster had posted a loss ealier today of 24.3 million. Click here
  • Gillette CEO and other officers to gain $460.4 million in Gillette deal. Click here.
  • Delta shares fell 7.7 % Alaska Air and ExpressJet holdings loose $1. Click here.
  • Delta swoops low admid fear of bankcrupcy. Click here.
  • Stocks today: Click here.
  • A mutating Robot? Click here.
  • Greenhouse gas deals growing says World bank. Click here.
  • Norwway advocates zero emissions for Arctic oil. Click here.
  • Ancient Mars more magnetic that previously imagined. click here.
  • A rodent unknown to Science but well known in Laos. Click here.
  • Shaken by Tsunami, Indian Parliament passes Disaster management bill Click here

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