News 5/19/2005

  • Senate nears showdown of judge nominations. Click here
  • US: Iran is not going to abandon nuclear plans. Click here
  • Rand Corporation: US overestimated China's spending by mor ethan 2/3rds. Click here
  • US Panel wants to scrutinize FDA actions. Click here
  • A study of chimps shows that sperms may hold the key to cancer. Click here
  • Bowel cancer tests often miss the mark in women. Click here
  • Hope for parents of kids without summercamp plans. Click here.
  • Video games reclaim attention in E3 show. Click here
  • Star wars a box office hit. Click here.
  • Ice age Armadillo fossil in Peru. Click here
  • Scientists clone human patients for stem cells. Click here
  • New monkey species in Tanzania

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