Severin on Catholics in America

The topic on "Extreme Games" on 96.9 FM in Boston was Catholicism.

A survey by one of the leading newspapers shows:

* Most Catholics in America want the church to have woman priests
* Most Catholics want the new Pope to do more to stop sexual abuse of children.(Big surprize!)
* Most Catholics want priests to be allowed to marry.

* I learnt from one Catholic caller that according to John the Baptist, one did not need to be Catholic to Baptise people.
* Catholics in the US about for around 27% of the total Catholic population. The rest are from Africa , South and Central America.
* Catholics in the US are more liberal than the rest, probably because(according to one caller.) a higher percentage of them are educated. The rest of the Catholics live by the book.
* Priests were stopped from marrying according to one caller because, when they died they wrote wills donating portions of the church to the church. Severin thought that since Jesus was married to the church, priests were to follow in his example.
* I would love to learn more. So please feel free comment on this. And as ever, don't kill the messenger if there is a mistake here.

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