PVS, Brain Dead , MCS

From the April 4th issue of Time Magazine
An article by Christine Goran set me striaght on the terms Permanent Vegetative State(PVS), Brain Dead and Minimal Conciousness State

A person in a Vegetaitive State VS is unaware of his or her surroundings but the brain can still perform functions like instructing the heart to pump blood through the body or aid with breathing. If he or she stays in this state for a year, they are considered to be in a permanent vegetative state. A person who is in PVS as the result of an accident is more likely to recover than a person like Schiavo who got to this state because of an inadequate oxygen suppy to the brain. In a lot of my previous entries, I have incorrectly refered to Schiavo's state as a Comma.

In the Brain Dead state a person's brain forgets everything including the act of performing bodily functions

There is also a Minimal Conciousness State(MCS) where a person does not show awareness consistently.
Thank you Christine for enlightening me.

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