Movie: She's So Lovely(1997)

This is a 'cute little adult movie' written by John Cassavetes and directed by Nick Cassavetes.An alcoholic lowlife(Sean Penn) and his lowlife wife(Robin Wright Penn, aka. Forest gump's girlfriend) are madly in love. They live in a seedy building and she is having his baby. A terrible turn of events forces the alcoholic to end up behind bars for a decade.
He returns after serving time to find that his girlfriend is now married to a great guy(John Travolta) who is a great father to his daughter and has two kids of his own with her. The lowlife is determined to win her back and the great guy wants her.
Then follows a great meeting of the minds. Its lowlife vs. greatguy, or Travolta vs.
Penn. In the unexpected end, not everyone is happy but everyone gets what they deserve, including the children. A great 'wicked' watch.

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