Movie: The Guns of Navarone(1961)

This blockbuster, based on a Alistair MacLean novel stars Hollywood's yesteryear heavyweights, Gregory Peck, David Niven and Antony Quinn. It is an awesome WWII adventure.

In a cave overlooking the Mediterranean in Greece, the Nazis have placed two guns to decimate any Ally vessel that happens to venture in their range.Captain Mallory(Peck) leads a pack of tough men, including a bomb expert(Niven), a Greek with a vendetta against him(Quinn) , a marksman and a special forces soldier. The men must go through hostile enemy territory, risking capture and death. They must deal with conflicts within their band and sometimes make decisions on instinct about who to trust.
My favorite line in the movie is from Antont Quinn:
'Let's throw him over the cliff and save a bullet.'

Ok, you might have to overlook some primitive sets that do not look realistic in today's time but the movie is simply high-Octane entertainment. Don't miss this one.

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