Movie: Godfather III (1990)

Movie: Godfather III
Original Release Date:
Release Date on DVD: 5/24/2005
My review of this movie is two sided. Looked upon as a single entity, this is a great movie.
Al Pacino pays the aging Mafia Don, looking to give up his criminal ways, Sophia Coppola plays his daughter, Andy Garcia plays Vinny, his brother's son born out of wedlock and wanting to be his protege. The don's son , who knows about his uncle's murder is the handywork of his father, vows never to take up the latter's line of work.

The movie has great crowd scenes, great visuals of Sicily, an absolutely spectacular opera and ends in the style of a Greek tragedy. Al Pachino plays the part of Michael Corleone with finese, Andy Garcia plays his trigger happy nephew Vinny and there is Eli Wallach, Diane Keaton and Talia Shire. Only Sophia Coppola stood out as a sore thumb. Apparently the Godfather saga is something very dear to her dad and movie's director Francis Ford Coppola, that he decided to cast her as Michael's daughter. On the whole this was a good movie. Finally on Sophia, thank God she's taken to directing. The dialogs in this movie are crisp and well written, just as they were in its predecessors.

Now, if we look at it as the finishing touch in the Godfather series, it clearly lacked a purpose. The story had come to an end when Michael took over from Vito Corleone. Besides it came two decades after Godfather II, a long time gap between a movie and its sequel. Coppola had to remind us of this family and its characters. Though it was good, it pales in comparison from the other two that featured Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro ans James Cann besides Al Pachino.
Still worth watching.

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