Audio Book: The Summons by John Grisham

The Summons by John Grisham
8 CDs Unabridged

Pub. Date: February 2002
Publisher: Random House Audio Publishing Group

Ray Atley is a law professor in Virginia. Recently dumped by his wife, he lives a mundane life except for his hobby of flying a Cessna. Suddenly, he is summoned back to his home town of Clanton Mississipi by his ailing father, Ruben Atley. As he comes back, he is in for several shocking revelations.
First, his father is dead. Secondly, there is a mysterious stash of 3 million dollars that are found in his ancestoral home. Third,there is a one page will, dividing the judge's property between the siblings, but there is no mention of the money. Besides Ray and his father someone else knows that the moneyexists. Who could this person be? His junkie brother, Forest, his father's former mistress, a family friend? How could a judge in a small town find such money? Did he have shady dealings? Did he have a lucky day at the Casino? It is up to Ray to unravel this mystery.
Following the trail would lead him to a shady lawyer who has become filthy rich, striking it big,making deals with large,unscrupulous corporations. It would also place Ray in grave danger.

Well, That was the plot. What did I think of it? I did not learn anything much about the law or anything else. Also the end was a little too tame. I cannot imagine Hollywood making a screenplay from this one.

It does make for an enjoyable listen on the road. Michael Beck's Southern accent adds more to the audiobook. Worth listening!
The Summons
The Summons

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