Movie: Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)

With the script from playwright-screenwriter David Mamet, and a cast like Al Pachino, Jack ,Alec Baldwin Ed Harris, Alan Arkin and Kevin Spacey this is a high impact movie that is modest on locale. It all happens in a real estate office.

Mamet takes us into the dog-eat-dog world of realestate people fighting the fight of their lives to make deals and sell houses.As the movie opens, Alec Baldwin, a master saleman makes a brief but spectacular performance with his 'motivational' speech. He insults, degrades and puts down all his subordinate salespeople. When he is done, the sales troops and the viwer are both gasping for breath.

Then we see a few quiet philosophical statements from another saleman, the one and only Al Pachino. And finally it is the turn of an aging,tired salesman(Lemon) enduring a family crisis and fighting to make his sale to give another stellar performance.The finale is simply too intense to be described. The creme of the Hollywood crop deliver a well, crafted movie.

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